Ectopic pancreatic tissue is most often an incidental finding of imaging, surgery, or autopsy. Image-guided diagnosis is difficult, and definitive diagnosis usually relies on histological analysis. A case of ectopic pancreatic tissue located near the lesser curvature of the stomach is presented followed by a brief discussion of the clinical management of heterotopic...
(Vol 13 p 30-35, Endocrinology; Gastroenterology; General surgery: 2 April 2013)
We present a case of severe symptomatic hypercalcaemia secondary to hyperthyroidism alone. Hypercalcaemia was managed with pamidronate which unfortunately resulted in transient hypocalcaemia. The key message is that thyroid function should be checked in all patients who present with hypercalcaemia and that endocrine input is needed sooner rather than later for appropriate...
(Vol 10 p 110-112, Endocrinology: 22 December 2010)
We report the case of 58-year-old gentleman with pancreatic masses, possibly of neuroendocrine origin, with the history of renal carcinoma, primary hyperparathyroidism and pituitary cyst. Histological analysis after pancreatectomy revealed metastases from renal cancer. This unusual case illustrates the challenging differential diagnosis between multiple endocrine...
(Vol 9 p 14-17, Endocrinology, Oncology: 28 May 2009)
Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life-threatening complication of diabetes. The development of metabolic syndrome is widely recognised with the use of atypical antipsychotic agents, and not infrequently DKA has been described with some of these drugs. We describe a complex patient with HIV who presented with severe DKA and prolonged hyperchloraemic acidosis, which we...
(Vol 8 p 22-24, Endocrinology: 26 June 2008)
We report the case of a 60-year-old woman with a multinodular goitre who underwent total thyroidectomy and was found intraoperatively to have a parathyroid ‘incidentaloma’. The surgical approach to the management of patients with incidental parathyroid disease is discussed and a review of the literature is presented.
(Vol 7 p 45-47, ENT/Head Neck Surgery, General Surgery, Endocrinology: 14 May 2007)
We report the case history of a 45-year-old woman who presented with symptoms of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome 8 years after a successful surgical decompression of both tunnels.
(Vol 5 p 26-27, Endocrinology, General surgery: April 2005)
Thomas Addison’s description of the disease named after him first appears in a book entitled ‘On the constitutional and local effects of disease of the supra-renal capsules’ published by Samuel Highley of 32 Fleet Street London in 1855. This is a superb publication graced with excellent figures as can be seen from the accompanying reprint. Case II from the five cases...
(Vol 4 p L8-L9, Landmark Case Report; Endocrinology: May 2004)
We report a case of recurrent bacteraemia due to Staphylococcus aureus with associated pyomyositis and endophthalmitis in an insulin-dependent diabetic with chronic liver disease secondary to alcohol abuse.
(Vol 2 p 37-39, Vascular disease; Ophthalmology; Endocrinology: July 2002)


Frank Cross
Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon
The London Clinic, UK


Neil Barnes
Consultant Physician
Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK
Ali Jawad
Professor of Rheumatology
Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK

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