Chronic hypokalaemia often remains a diagnostic challenge, especially in young women without hypertension. A concealed diuretic abuse should be suspected, especially in young women with eating disorders. This case describes a woman with chronic hypokalaemia in whom a thorough medical history and proper laboratory tests were essential to early and accurate diagnosis.
(Vol 11 p 53-55, Acute Medicine; Nephrology; Psychiatry: 18 July 2011)
The case presented is a 21-year-old male conscript with vestiphobia and panic attacks triggered from donning his military vest. This case report highlights a common but largely under recognized anxiety disorder, and it is hoped to encourage improved diagnosis of patients suffering from such conditions in future.
(Vol 11 p 41-43, Occupational Health; Psychiatry: 14 June 2011)
We present a case of an apparently well gentleman performing self-castration. On presentation he was in shock. After resuscitation his wound was explored and haemostasis achieved. While such presentations are seen with a background of psychiatric illness, our patient did not suffer from such disorders. This case emphasises the importance of a multi-disciplinary holistic...
(Vol 7 p 9-12, Psychiatry, Urology: 20 February 2007)


Frank Cross
Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon
The London Clinic, UK


Neil Barnes
Consultant Physician
Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK
Ali Jawad
Professor of Rheumatology
Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK

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