Occupational Health

This is a rare case of freezing of the corneas in extremely cold conditions. A large proportion of the worlds’ population inhabits areas where frequent exposure to subzero temperatures is common. Early recognition, appropriate referral and treatment of frozen corneas may help to minimize any potential complications that can develop later on, as well as reduce pain and...
(Vol 12 p 6-9, Emergency Medicine and Surgery; Occupational Health; Ophthalmology: 19 January 2012)
The case presented is a 21-year-old male conscript with vestiphobia and panic attacks triggered from donning his military vest. This case report highlights a common but largely under recognized anxiety disorder, and it is hoped to encourage improved diagnosis of patients suffering from such conditions in future.
(Vol 11 p 41-43, Occupational Health; Psychiatry: 14 June 2011)
A 44-year-old woman presented with poorly controlled asthma and nodular radiological changes. A VATS lung biopsy confirmed talc granulomatous disease possibly related to her previous work as a dental technician. A detailed occupational history is mandatory. Talc granulomatous disease is one important alternative diagnosis in poorly controlled asthma.
(Vol 5 p 1-3, Respiratory medicine; occupational medicine: January 2005)


Frank Cross
Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon
The London Clinic, UK


Neil Barnes
Consultant Physician
Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK
Ali Jawad
Professor of Rheumatology
Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK

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