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Volume 4

Sir James Paget’s seminal description of the clinical findings of the bone disease that now bears his name in 1877 holds true today, but his reference to the disease as osteitis deformans, implying an inflammation of the bone, is not accurate, and it is now called osteodystrophia deformans.
(p L18-L19, Landmark Case Report; Rheumatology: November 2004)
We report a case of sigmoid perforation caused by Meckel’s diverticulitis. The ætiology, clinical findings and guidelines for therapy are described. Complications of Meckel’s diverticulum should be considered in the differential diagnosis of young patients with recurrent non-specific abdominal pain. If in doubt, operative exploration should be performed.
(p 16-18, Gastroenterology; General Surgery: October 2004)
The first report of a successful operation for carotid stenosis in 1954 owes credit to the neurologist Fischer who noted that carotid disease is localized and thus could conceivably be bypassed or locally excised. With this knowledge Professor Pickering of St Mary’s Hospital, London, wisely obtained a carotid arteriogram on one of his patients and suggested to Rob and...
(p L15-L17, Landmark Case Report; General Surgery; Vascular Disease: October 2004)
Following the first administration of ether as an anaesthetic in 1846, by William Morton in Boston, news travelled rapidly to London where Liston was responsible for introducing this technique to the United Kingdom. Squire wrote to the Lancet about his own early experiments with ether as well as anaesthetising for the initial operation at University College Hospital. We...
(p L12-L14, Landmark Case Report; Anaesthesia: September 2004)
Harvey Cushing’s first description of the eponymous disease attributed to him is reproduced here together with a modern commentary.
(p L10-L11, Landmark Case Report: September 2004)
Two patients with biliary peritonitis without demonstrable perforation are described. Despite biliary peritonitis almost invariably following biliary tract perforation, none could be identified with contemporary imaging. This condition is extremely rare, difficult to diagnose pre-operatively and has high mortality.
(p 13-15, General Surgery; Hepatology; Gastroenterology: August 2004)
Musculoskeletal injuries following low voltage electrocution are extremely rare. We present the case of a 54-year-old gentleman who had an accident while working with 240-volt live wires. The absence of any associated trauma should not rule out the presence of scapular fractures in such cases.
(p 10-12, Orthopaedics, Emergency medicine: May 2004)
Thomas Addison’s description of the disease named after him first appears in a book entitled ‘On the constitutional and local effects of disease of the supra-renal capsules’ published by Samuel Highley of 32 Fleet Street London in 1855. This is a superb publication graced with excellent figures as can be seen from the accompanying reprint. Case II from the five cases...
(p L8-L9, Landmark Case Report; Endocrinology: May 2004)
Secondary involvement of the urinary bladder in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is relatively common, but primary malignant lymphomas of this organ remain exceedingly rare. We report a case presenting atypically with renal colic and briefly review the relevant literature.
(p 7-9, Urology, oncology: May 2004)
The scientists William S. Tillett and Sol Sherry were responsible for the introduction of intrapleural fibrinolytics as therapeutic agents, thus supplementing antimicrobial therapy in the treatment of empyema. They were the first to suggest the possibility that the use of these drugs in empyema might obviate the need for radical surgical procedures. This article...
(p L4-L7, Landmark Case Report; Respiratory Medicine: April 2004)
The internal fixation of fractures is associated with a risk of infection. Open fractures in particular are susceptible to such infection. Treatment is difficult and patients can develop a chronic osteomyelitis. We present the case of a patient who developed chronic osteomyelitis with a persistent discharging sinus following internal fixation of an open fracture of tibia...
(p 4-6, Orthopaedics and Oncology: March 2004)
Heart transplantation was and is still recognised as a medical milestone. Its ability to offer a second chance of life to people with end-stage cardiac disease is its major triumph. Dr Christiaan Barnard’s work was instrumental in realising the actual possibility of conducting a human transplant, and provided the framework for further advances in this field. He deserves...
(p L1-L3, Landmark Case Report; Cardiothoracic Surgery; Transplantation: March 2004)
Testicular tumours occur more frequently in an undescended testis than in a normally developed testis. Moreover, they usually present as a palpable mass but occasionally they can present with pain as a result of torsion. We present the case of a 30-year-old male who was found to have a testicular tumour which had developed in an intra-abdominal testis and presented with...
(p 1-3, General surgery: March 2004)


Frank Cross
Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon
The London Clinic, UK


Neil Barnes
Consultant Physician
Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK
Ali Jawad
Professor of Rheumatology
Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK

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